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How to Reduce Your Organizational RISKS through Intelligent Tool Based ROBUST MIS?

Management Information System (MIS) Redux

  • A higher level system
  • Represented by critical and often, most proprietary and difficult to upgrade applications
  • An effective interacting, interrelated and interdependent feedback and decision making tool
  • Used to help in the assessment of risk within an organization

RISKS Associated with MIS

  • Increased risk in a number of areas such as liquidity, pricing, or missed opportunities
  • Increased operational risks adversely affecting an organization’s monitoring of its fiduciary, customer and other compliance-related activities
  • Disruption of routine work flow leading to incorrect decisions or impaired planning


  • Ineffective, inaccurate or incomplete MIS
  • A flawed MIS
  • Poorly programmed or non-secure systems in which data can be manipulated
  • Systems requiring ongoing repairs

Usability Characteristics of a ROBUST MIS

Fulfilment of Different Needs (F) - Can produce scheduled, periodic and ad-hoc reports quickly and without any hassles

Quality of Information (Q) – The information presented is sufficient, relevant, truthful, consistent and without errors

Presentation (P) – Meet appropriate presentation formats required by different users

Integration of Data (I) – Integrates data from all possible data sources

Timeliness (T) – Reports can be generated at the right time without delays due to human dependencies

The usefulness of MIS is hindered whenever one or more of these FQPIT usability characteristics are compromised.

Benefits of Implementing Intelligent Tool Based Robust MIS

Fulfilment of  Different Needs - Different stakeholders are able to generate different types of reports, whenever they need, in the format they need.

Quality of Information - Management able to pinpoint the source and reason for mismatch between actual and reported figures by business units, thus enhancing the overall quality of information for decision making

Presentation - Different stakeholders are able to view the reports in the formats that they need

Integration of Data - MIS is now generated directly from source data and NOT manually through excel

Timeliness – MIS preparation time REDUCED by a minimum of 50%, and maximum of up to 90%.

The Way Forward

  • Clearly identify the critical MIS related ISSUES being faced
  • Jointly determine the IMPACT of the issues on the organization
  • Identify a Pilot for implementing an automated MIS based on a sub-set of the ISSUES and corresponding IMPACT
  • Integrate the Intelligence Tool for guiding the incorporation of knowledge and systems
  • Pilot will establish the effectiveness of the automated MIS based on the usability characteristics and its effect on the IMPACT before and after
  • The project to be rolled out company-wide after establishing the success of the pilot
  • For further information please contact

Robust MIS Implementation Effectiveness

An Industry Expert says:

“A good MIS is an absolute must for someone who’s a profit head. It should point out areas of revenue drainage and, also indicate areas where, if tweaked, revenue can be enhanced. Your Robust MIS should do well. However, I hope there’s scope for some customization too  as end user needs can vary”.

  • Implementation of Robust MIS can be customized to suit the client’s specific requirements
  • Implementation of Robust MIS  is agnostic of the back-end systems, and seamlessly integrates data from ERP, Accounting Software, HRMS and other applications

Have a ROBUST MIS Beat your MIS Blues!

Use your MIS for what it is actually intended - “In the assessment of risks and in informed decision making.”


Intelligent Tool Based Robust MIS


We replicate your existing financial data reporting system for creating business intelligence and analytic ecosystem including:

  • Budgets for comparison
  • Operational Data for end to end view
  • HR and Payroll information
  • Regulatory Compliance information


Entire MIS data on interactive dash board with ability for restrictive viewing across different stake holders. Past repository available at all times. Compare and view trends in text, graphical, spreadsheet formats. Simulation is also available.


Continue with your existing data capture, and we will integrate your data that may come from disparate systems using our intelligent tool.


MIS turned around as close to 1/10th of your time presently consumed. You can clearly have the flexibility to view up to 10 times the present quantum of reports.

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