You are a Jeweler:
  • Wealth creator to your customers
  • Welfare provider to your customers
  • Assertive, Confidence, Trust, Dependable are the characteristics that you wear when you see customers wear your products

At KPK we:

Provide you back-to-back reinforcement, especially to support a multi-store, multi-product, large-format Jewelry business environment.

Jeweletics is our product offering, which enables you to have right information and insights into the performance of your jewelry business, customers and vendors. With Jeweletics, you can analyze your business performance across multiple dimensions with access to real time data, reports, graphical dashboards and drill down capabilities across period of your choice.

Your Take Away:

  • Integration across POS, Inventory, Budgets, HR, Accounting
  • Quick Realization of Challenging Awareness Across
  • Customer Preferences that Enhances Revenues
  • Vendor Analytics that Reduces Acquisition Costs
  • Product Mix Maneuvering that Optimize Investment
  • Easy interpretation of Chit – Periodic Scheme Performance
  • Controls over Compliance, Management and Regulatory Financials
  • Entire platform is mobile, digital, access friendly across all business users with work-flow security abilities