Situation to deal with

    Humongous transactions
    Two sets of data
    Transactions completely into knots
    Need to map one set of data with the other
    Regulatory need to carry out reconciliation
    Management need to identify the unique ones

Solution provided

  • An automated solution
  • Upload both sets of data
  • Identify the common fields
  • Sit back, stay laid back
  • Every transaction from one set is mapped with the other
  • Unmapped are listed, category wise
  • Regulatory need met

Advantage Extra

  • Can clearly override the worksheet limitations
  • Reconcile to date of choice
  • Data can be integrated into the automated platform directly
  • Consume the output at ease
  • Focus only on data accumulation
  • Entire operation can be handled inhouse or outsourced to our experts
  • Accuracy met, identify book and tax credits with ease
  • Regulatory obligations taken care

Value Add offered

  • Just in case your one set of data is revenue specific
  • Our solution will provide data required for recognising revenue,time-period wise