Specific to PE and VC firms

s an investment firm deploying and managing your investor’s capital, you have to consistently deliver exceptional returns to your investors and also meet their exacting reporting demands. This requires astute portfolio management involving quick and accurate decisions with respect to the financial and operational performance of your fund and portfolio companies.

Thus, seamless control over your internal financial and operational data and clear visibility of your investment portfolio’s financial and operational performance combined with easy access becomes paramount to meeting your specific objectives and to attract more investments.

The following portfolio of solutions for investment firms fulfils your need to be equipped with appropriate implements that will enable you to meet your objectives.

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting

An intuitive and easy-to-use budgeting, planning and forecasting mechanism for your internal use and to monitor your portfolio company’s budgets, plans and forecasts in near real-time basis.

Fund Administration | Accounting

An easy to use enterprise support fund accounting service including book keeping, with emphasis for completion of timely regulatory obligations and adherence of applicable accounting and audit standards.

Investor Accounting and Reporting

An automated partnership accounting system using world-class proven technology platforms to meet existing demands and attract new investors.

Regulatory Compliance

Accurate and timely adherence of all regulatory compliance is primary requisite across every business entity and this adherence across all regulations including Company law, SEBI, FEMA, Taxation, employee social security and all others as applicable is seamlessly complied with an independent and competent team of qualified professionals.

IRR Monitoring

Data accumulation and monitoring  IRR parameters of your investment values with provision to review market comparables for opportunity return measurements and establish simulations for peep into the future rates than can be accomplished based on the current trends.

Fixed Assets Management

Effortless and automated management of fixed assets be it maintenance of records of fixed assets, timely alerts for Annual Maintenance Contracts, Warranties and Insurance details and computation of depreciation as per Companies Act,  retrospective change in Rate / Method and block wise depreciation as per Income Tax Act.

Portfolio Analytics

Gain insight into your portfolio company’s complete information that may be critical for business decisions, assess potential areas of risk and identify areas for improvement through slicing and dicing of available data by any dimension and set up drivers for achieving core objectives to increase sales, reduce cost, control resources and enhance compliances.

Payroll Management

Simplify your complex payroll function into a simple process through automation  for compliance and tax requirement and integrate the same with internal employer and employee reporting using analytic solution, especially in situations with individual employees spreading their employment across multiple and distinct group companies/funds/ entities.

Employee Expense Management

Save precious money in the areas of travels, expenses and invoice though an easy to use  automated solution that provides visibility into the spend and helps you manage expenses anytime, anywhere.