What propels your competitive advantage?

very business requires necessary inputs and reports about its performance, quantified according to parameters such as sales, growth, profitability, market share or cost. These could be historical, current as well as predictive and are used to support decision-making.

This apart, today’s global economic uncertainties mean that information-based insights and association in near real-time is ever more crucial for timely decision-making.

Our immaculate business finance background gives us the edge in understanding the levers that drive your company’s performance and the challenges it faces.

Our menu comprises:


Our BI Consulting empowers your decision-making by identifying the best BI solutions and delivering impactful operational and financial dashboards.


At our internal BI Centre of Excellence, we work with and assess different BI tools like QlikView, Tableau and Arcplan to provide you objective assessments for unbiased selection.


Our BI tool implementation service implements the identified solutions either on-premises or on-cloud.


We also provide level 1 production support to customers as per the SLA.

Business intelligence (BI) applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, statistical analysis, forecasting and data mining. They vary in scope from

  • Mission-critical and integral to an enterprise’s operations or occasional to meet a particular requirement;
  • Enterprise-wide or local to one division, department or project
  • Centrally-initiated or driven by user demand


We specialize in gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to the reports that our clients apply to make better business decisions. Using BI tools we,

  • Assist you in aligning the organization around a consistent set of key performance indicators and metrics. This facilitates quicker, fact-based decision making
  • Present graphically simplified key process indicators and metrics, using dashboards and scorecards, for instance
  • Ensure information reliability (“one version of the truth”)
  • Aggregate multiple data sources (ERP, CRM, spreadsheets, budgets.)
  • Hasten information collection and dissemination across the organization
  • Shorten implementation cycle and enhance cost effectiveness of maintenance and support

We have expertise in the following applications: