We offer you services in: Business Setup, Managed Business Accounting, Business Intelligence, Business Performance Management and Managed Contract Renewals.

We serve you every step of the way, structured to be your trusted long-term partner, integral to your growth, unique and enduring because of our personalized attention to your objectives. We’re a company that’s more competitively-sized and is consequently more focused, agile and result-oriented.

Business Setup

KPK provides assistance in procuring the required regulatory registration. This helps clients to speed up the setting up process and shift focus on to the actual business activities.

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Managed Business Accounting

Complete back-end support in accounting, finance, payroll, regulatory compliance, reporting functions.

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Fund Accounting

Providing astute portfolio management involving quick and accurate decisions with respect to the financial and operational performance of your fund and portfolio companies.

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Business Intelligence

BI applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining.

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Business Performance

Tools that can help you and your budgeting & planning team to quickly evaluate current and past performance against a predefined set of performance data e.g., forecasts, uncover trends and easily update the data as business conditions change.

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Managed Contract Renewals

It’s time to gain control over your Renewal Transaction Processing and focus on enlarging your revenue.

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