Why work at KPK?

“Work is love made visible”, so said Kahlil Gibran the Lebanese American poet. Everybody at KPK embodies this spirit. At our core, we are a learning organization. The organization culture provides multiple opportunities and avenues for continuous learning, growth and self-development to motivated and self-directed associates. This, combined with truly open workspaces, absence of multilayered hierarchy and a culture that fosters open communication and creativity along with a sense of responsibility makes KPK a great place to work.

The KPK Ethos

  • Everybody in KPK is an associate irrespective of the position and title carried by them.
  • Our associates are looked upon to participate with emphasis on providing quality delivery to our clients under a well defined process and system.
  • Every associate understands the value of time; hence, executing deliverables is by relying on time as an essence and not by imposition. This gives our associates the freedom and independence to plan their activities and tasks to suit the needs of all stake holders.
  • There is an easy access from top-down and bottom-up position holders with the freedom to alter and build suitable solutions which are backed by well established best practices in place.
  • All associates are encouraged to have an integral view of their professional and personal commitments, for one without the other leads to dysfunctional individuals and an unstable organization.

Our Track Record

We have an enviable track record of retention of our associates. Over 95% of our associates have been with us for the past seven years.

Team KPK Speaks

The day I stepped into KPK, I was energized to enhance my career. KPK provides a dedicated platform that recognizes the value of all its associates. We have smart colleagues who are great challengers. It is with justifiable pride I now say that I belong to the KPK family, who constantly nurture and empower me to grow.


Even though I am relatively young in this organization, I enjoy working in KPK. The working environment here is very friendly and all associates are treated with care.


It has been an upward learning curve ever since I joined. Helping clients achieve their business goals has not only provided immense knowledge but also an enriching experience. KPK has helped me grow on both professional and personal front.


I feel that our management really cares about the people who work for the company. I have the freedom to perform my responsibility and the work environment is also friendly. So, I am happy to be a part of the KPK family.


It is my great privilege and honour to start my career in KPK. All my senior colleagues here are so supportive that there is no feeling of diversity. I am fortunate enough to be a part of this family which provides a platform to learn lot many things and also to build a milestone for my career.


I think KPK is:

  • A family (working together) and a team (delivering the results)!;
  • A space for you to learn and learn and learn;
  • An avenue to acquire multiple skills;
  • A venue to enjoy your work; and…
  • A chance you don’t want to miss!!


I have been working with KPK for more than four years. Based on my experience here, I consider KPK as the work place for steady growth. Here, every individual gets an equal opportunity to excel with quality managerial support. I would like to say that KPK has played a major role in polishing my skills and making me a thorough professional.

Kumar S A

KPK provides an enchanting and motivating environment for learning, opportunity creation and upgrading knowledge. On this journey with KPK, I have had the opportunity to learn about Planning, Execution, Presentation, Implementation and Co-ordination. With a strong organization culture that upholds ethics, KPK is like a tranquil sea shore in a turbulent environment.


KPK is an amazing and motivating place to work with enough opportunities to prove our talent, explore our creative side and face challenges. KPK provides a wonderful platform for both fresh and experienced associates both in terms of work content and to build enduring relationships within ourselves.


It has been an enjoyable and inspiring experience working at KPK. I could not have expected for a better work place and a better organization to start my professional track. The targets and challenges just seem to be melting away with great mentoring from the other associates. This environment has made me to improve and upgrade my professional and technical skills. I believe KPK is the best destination for the learners and achievers. I understand KPK can also be called as “KPK – Knowledge Packed Kinship.”

Indu Shekar

“I have completed 12 years with KPK. It has been a great experience. It is a very good company to work with. KPK has got a healthy atmosphere where in you can express your views and concerns to your peers and to the management with clarity and no fear. My growth here has been very good and at each level I have learnt new things and new ideas. I am grateful to the management for having faith in me and the work I perform.


In my career span with KPK, every day has opened new vistas for me to learn, experiment and grow. Hard work and dedication never go unnoticed here, and these directly translate to career growth. The support from team members and management in dealing with the challenges and responsibilities make the journey full of fun and excitement. Being a part of KPK, which I consider it to be my family, has helped me to grow professionally as well as personally. The culture, ethics and values of this company have become a part of me. I wish to see KPK gain new heights & become a brand that would be a part of everyone’s life.


I am very much delighted to express my enriched and exciting journey in KPK. It is worth noticing and experiencing the work ethics, management focus and the fantastic work culture which has not changed over the years. I am indeed inspired by the team work and support being provided by the management. The motivating factors are the Company’s willingness to nurture people from within, give them opportunities and hands-on-experience across new domains. I am proud to be a part of KPK.


It’s a great pleasure and honor working at KPK. The organization provides a creative and supporting environment for me to build a strong knowledge based career. I am very happy to be working at KPK, and am motivated to give my best contribution to this organization in all aspects.


If we look at the fingers on our hand, each one of them stands disparate, but when these uniquely dissimilar fingers are brought together, we get a powerhouse of a fist. Similarly, our team at KPK is composed of individualistic, proficient & dexterous minds, which when rallied we get the winning combination to a strapping ‘Team KPK’.

I have seen success through the eyes of another. Now, I too can take the leap and achieve what I have always wanted to in my career, thanks to KPK family.


Current openings

We are looking for people who display a dynamic attitude, exhibit a high degree of team spirit, and take ownership. Please e-mail your resume to careers@kpk.in and we will get in touch with you if found suitable.