Full Circle

Setup, accounting and intelligence: the KPK service structure is circular. You can access it at any stage, to have a solution designed whether its for a business being set up, run, its accounting managed, data recorded, aggregated and analysed for policy decision-making.


At KPK we owe our advantage to an inviolable belief – when the means is right, the end will be the best. So to get the best for our clients, we devote ourselves to identifying and deploying the best:

PEOPLE: Our teams comprise the best talent: those who align with our core values and help sustain a great collaborative environment that lets people be themselves;
PROCESSES: To respond and anticipate change we focus on the processes. We build in the ones designed to generate the highest level of client-satisfaction and continuously improve upon them and innovate.
BALANCE: We foster the creativity that provides the best solutions while taking care to sustain the operational scalability of our business processes.

This is fundamental to our DNA.

The Differentiators

From our culture to the composition of the team assigned you, what sets KPK apart is evident on many levels.


It stems from our culture. It has to do with building enduring relationships: with our people, and with you. It’s the commitment that builds continuity.

KPK is a culture of vibrant engagement and growth. It’s one of going beyond the expected, beyond a task’s conventional parameters to look ahead for our clients, for what their options and resultant courses of action could be.

It’s rooted in our professional background. While we manage business set-up, business accounting services and business intelligence, our inner “audit switches” are always on. Our auditing knowledge and experience forestall all possible non-compliance issues in all our practice areas.


This is our domain, our territory, conceptually, experientially and territorially.  From set-up regulatory formalities to intelligence aggregation and analysis, our knowledge, skills and experience are your compass. Our capability command ensures objectives are met and exceeded for clients both global and domestic, with widely ranging strategic and operational goals of varying range, scale and complexity.


Our operational methodologies are designed to achieve what your task needs. No two clients are the same and our strategy and capabilities configure to the task at hand to maximize operational efficiency.

Team Edge

Your job is assigned its own team, under a top management member. An experienced associate is your client partner, your one-point contact. The client partner is supported by a team of professionals, composed according to task requirements, whether these are implementation-, process- or focus function-specific. An independent team oversees the quality of delivery.