KPK – Our Journey Here

eing in business, you set goals and achieve them, tackle issues and all that’s core to your business plan. Doing what keeps your business running is, more and more, better handled by an external, professional service provider whose commitment to your objective aligns with your own.

Hence KPK.

Created in 1995 as a financial auditing firm, our activity palette grew as one millennium gave way to the next. The accounting landscape changed dramatically, its stakeholders increased in number and its demands much more complex and stratified.

The need emerging was for a qualified accounting service provider who could apply the skills, experience and rigour of professional audit in a rapidly evolving, but unregulated scenario.

This meant moving from audit’s attestative function, to address a wider client need  spectrum with a customized service palette that emphasized accounting service management, but with the audit switch always on.

And so in 2009, we forged a new corporate identity to express our evolution and direction.

Take a look at our logo. See what we’re all about. It tells you how we strive to:


Build positive relationships with an open mind


Seek new opportunities


Offer solutions that are Innovative and out of the box


Creative and yet balanced.


How, dedicated to your success, we learn, improve, work with you as a team and grow with you together.

To Better Do What We Do Best

While we provide solutions everyday we’re at the same time seeking new solution-designing opportunities.

At our Center of Excellence (CoE), we continuously research new means to grow by idea and execution.

This is where we create, design, refine, test and innovate:

  • Even while we work with you today, we’re working on what we’ll do for you tomorrow.
  • Everything is under constant review in all the practice areas from policy, strategic and operational standpoints to identify and develop what can be made more efficient, more effective.
  • As a team we pool ideas and experiences across practice areas, competencies and work portfolios to build information banks and intelligence resources to grow with.